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Renovation Professional Fighting The COVIS-19 Recession

Renovation Professional Can Make Better Money In The Gig Economy in Post COVID-19 Recession

Photo by Andrea Piacqudio by Pexel

Is your job in the interior design and renovation sector affected by Post COCID-19 Recession?

Renovation Sector Affected By Recession How to overcome the COVID-19 rEcession[/caption]

The sombre realisation that Singapore is entering into a technical recession which will eventually translate into job losses, salary downward revisions or companies going bust. Many interior designers, project managers who work on BTO, resale flats or commercial interiors, will soon have to look for alternative means to supplement their income as companies go on cost-cutting measures or retrenchment exercise.

At a Lost of what to do on a recession
At a Lost of what to do on a recession – Be The Interior Design and Renovation Industry Professional With Postofixe

Photo by Photobro by Pexel

Let’s look at the various concerns and options available to the interior design and renovation industry in the post-COVID-19 economy to see if it is a viable business.

Impact on Singapore Renovation and Home Furnishing Industry

The unpredictable COVID-19 situation in the coming months have impacted on how the government will manage the flow of labour in the construction and renovation industry as a whole as the safe-distancing measures and the dormitory clusters situation has severely hampered the availability of tradesmen from Malaysia and Singapore.

Major economies have gone into a tailspin which will impact our export volumes here and with the continued spread of COVID-19, Singapore economy will look grim for the short and medium terms. As such, the likelihood of many being affected will be high and spending on home renovation will be prudent with customers either delaying their renovation plans, scale down their renovation budget or eyeing cheaper alternatives.

So you may asked what the real industry situation going forward?

There are several scenarios here and one pertaining to the interior design and renovation companies that did not hedge on their finances for bad times and built a good relationship with their suppliers. These companies would probably have to wrap up their business as they have expanded their creditworthiness. Some will try to continue to rely on other suppliers to finance their business which is nearly impossible as these sub-contractors are often cash strapped and more often than not they have lost money on other bad debt situations.

The question here is how many of such companies are there within the industry? The answer is not clear as most of them are still running their company with the money given by new clients to pay off their old debts. There are of course reputable companies that have managed their finances well and would be riding through the recession with hiring freeze or cost-cutting measures.

It is now imperative that companies who are doing business with legacy business models operate with models in the new norm and reduce their reliance on traditional resources to survive the tough times.

The above dire situation will create a group of people who will eventually lose their jobs due to business closure or bankruptcy, among them are credible and creative people like interior designers and project managers.

aspiring and talented renovation designer and project manager have a better chance of striking out on their own
Aspiring and talented renovation designer and project manager now have a better chance of striking out on their own with specialised e-commerce system

Photo by Cottonbro via Pexel

Their skillset earned through the school of hard knocks are valuable and could generate comfortable income with the acceptance of the new business model termed as the new norm which we believed will renovation companies and industry talents makes a comfortable living as the industry goes through the post-COVID-19 evolution.

The entire renovation and decorative industry is worth SGD 745 Million in 2018 with a 18% growth post-COVID-19 Online Source, https://www.statista.com/outlook/255/124/furniture-homeware/singapore

Will there be a substantial business for the industry to ride out the pandemic? The answer is an emphatic yes based as seen on HDB Key Stats report from 2019-2020;

Source online; https://www.hdb.gov.sg/cs/infoweb/doc/ar2019_keystats

The renovation business from the above-developed units mention in HDb stats 2019-2020 will come online in 2021 to 2013 and in 2020 HDB is pushing out around 16,000 flats to the general public notwithstanding private residential and commercial projects. Source online; https://www.singsaver.com.sg/blog/hdb-bto-launches-in-2020#HDBBTOPastLaunches

Evolution Of The Gig Economy Augmented By e-Commerce

There is a bright spark of hope in the horizon despite the gloom that can be viewed as a good opportunity for interior designers and project managers who intend to capitalise on the blossoming gig economy. The revolution aided with the help of specialised renovation and furniture e-commerce platform, now available through Postofixe.com, will taste success in the same manner as seen in Airbnb in the hotel industry, GRAB for point to point transportation and food delivery and Amazon for online marketplace

Let’s explore this different business model for the interior design and renovation industry and compare the two business models, one lagacy and the other the gig economy, to see how feasible it is to make a good living in the new economy.

Typical Interior Design and Renovation Processes:

Typically most interior design and renovation companies will endeavour to provide all or majority of the above processes shown on the activity chart.

However, this is a rather tedious and stressful process especially when one has to handle 2-3 projects with consecutive handover dates. It can be overbearing for both the interior designer and project manager to handle as a result they suffer career burnout over a short period of time.

Legacy Renovation Model Is Creating Undue Pressure On The YOung Aspiring Talents To The Renovation Industry
Legacy Renovation Model Is Creating Undue Pressure On The YOung Aspiring Talents To The Renovation Industry

There is an alternative process proposed by Postofixe.com where various tasks are assigned to different professionals/tradesmen who are highly competent in their respective trade to complete the tasks.

The differences here is all parties benefits in the transaction.

Each partner within the value chain makes sufficient profit/income to stay in their trade or profession which will result in higher professionalism within their trade.

A high level of trust and comraderies is built with respective partners to complete their job in a professional manner. Working collaboratively also compels them to complete their job so as not to affect other trades especially in terms of schedule and final payment.

Payment is dispensed to all suppliers upon completion and acceptance by the customers. In contrast, in the legacy model suppliers are only paid for their previous completed job to allow them to roll over their cash.

The entire process from start to finished is allocated to three or more parties with core competencies in;

  • Designers will focus on designing and attending to the needs of the customers,
  • Automating all operational paperwork online from payment, documentation, sales, manufacturing to delivery orders are managed by Postofixe,
  • Quality control, solving technical problems, managing schedules, client expectation and on-time delivery which will be handled by experienced project managers.
  • Level of stress is now manageable and responsibilities are well defined and spread out to various parties within the value chain.

Postofixe e-commerce platform makes work FUN as;

  • There are less paperwork to slow you down,
  • it is less stressful to work on any project since there is a predefine scope of works and responsibilities resulting less burnout.
  • Income is based on an individual’s level of commitment, those who work harder make more money.
  • Level of professionalism will grow as designer, manufacturers to tradesmen are treated as equals offering their best products or services to the client.
  • the contractual arrangement offers a truly win-win situation where individuals or suppliers gets the fair share of returns
  • The main financier of the projects is the client rather than sub-contractors.

Hop onto the instant benefits of Postofixe’s renovation and furnishing e-commerce where parties to the transection;

Photo by Vlada Karpovish by Pexel

  • 40 uploaded design layouts in our 3-D drawing tool for various residential units that are already available on the platform to enable designers to start selling on the fly with no downtime.
  • The works you love what you do within your expertise with plus plenty of chances to hone your skills.
  • additional income where talented interior designers are able to publish their design on a peruse basis allowing others to use them for a fee.
  • get sufficient income for project manager as he/she don’t have to worry about making ends meet with other overheads. Unlike the legacy model he/she received a fixed salary for whatever numbers of projects he works under his employment.
  • offers clients the benefits of a one-stop shopping experience with the latest home design and products at a fair market price.
  • enjoys risk free business model to develop a interior business where even customer could now accept in the post-COVID-19.

So what is holding you back to explore the possibility of creating your own destiny? Stop worrying about losing your income or the drag of an overwork and under-pay situation. Postofixe lets you makes a good income through our specialised renovation and furniture e-commerce platform.

Register here zoom meet up to explore the how the platform can help in your gig with a online demo and we will end off with Q & A session.

There are two sessions;

  1.  27th July 2020, 4pm
  2. 30th July 2020, 4pm

Put in your preferred time slot on the “Message area” we will send you a zoom meeting details as soon as possible, see you soon.

Interior Colour inspire mood

Bring calm, warmth or relax mood with these colour into your renovation

Adapted from article that appeared in Curbed.com on 27th April 2020 by author Diana Budds

Human reacts and associates with colours

 is one of the most relative means of expression, as the famed color theorist Josef Albers once said. It’s also one of the most evocative. From the Red Room in the Black Lodge to the pastel pink pastry boxes of Mendl’s Bakery, color conjures up strong psychological associations. Should we feel apprehensive—as is the case with David Lynch’s unsettling interiors—or revel in sweetness, as in Wes Anderson’s surreal dreamscape?

Paint colour creates mood
Paint colour creates mood
Photo credit – Mystide colours from Avatar The Movie

Just as film directors reach for specific colors to create a mood, so too may we. During a hellaciously stressful and anxious time wrought by the novel coronavirus, color can become a coping mechanism.

We looks at things through the lens of color

Experts at the Pantone Color Institute, a global color consultancy, have been thinking a lot about the COVID-19 pandemic’s cultural effects, and how color fits into the picture.

“We look at things through the lens of color,” says Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Institute. “Of course, this is a public health crisis, and it’s not like a public health crisis is looked through a lens of color, but we’re thinking about: How is this going to affect what people need from color? How is this going to affect what people want from color? How can we help use color as an antidote to what’s going on?”

Colours of contentment to overcome the depressive mood

Images of color swatches, which are nature-based hues, arranged horizontally
Pressman calls these colors “a nature-infused palette of health-giving hues conveying contentment”: PANTONE 17-5722 Bottle Green; PANTONE 14-4318 Sky Blue; PANTONE 14-0627 Shadow Green; PANTONE 20-0161 Beetle Wing; PANTONE 17-2411 Toadstool; PANTONE 17-1446 Mango; PANTONE 17-0949 Chai Tea; PANTONE 18-4728 Harbor Blue; PANTONE 17-0330 Turtle Green
 Courtesy Pantone

While Pressman says it’s too soon to speculate on how the pandemic will affect consumer marketing, she is thinking about the pervasiveness of uncertainty, stress, and anxiety right now and how that might lead us to seek out products and spaces that are soothing, relaxing, and comforting. And color can be a significant player in achieving those sensibilities.

Orange Kitchen Picture by Refresh Renovations

It wouldn’t be the first time hues were used to soothe. For hundreds of years, color theorists have ascribed psychological characteristics to hues based on intuition.

Orange inspires activity
Orange inspires activity
Photos credit Red Living By Bar Design UK Warm colors—like reds, yellows, and oranges—are associated with active feelings, while cool colors—like blues and greens—are widely believed to be calming and healing.
Blue_Living inspires calm
Photo credit Blue living by Thespruce.com Photo Credit of green kitchen by Ideahomes.co.uk

Use these colours for family members with certain characteristics

Chromotherapy (considered alternative medicine to some and pseudoscience to others) has been hawked as a remedy for illness since Ancient Egypt. In the early 1900s, a New York City psychiatric hospital even had a “color ward” to treat patients: a black room to soothe “manic” patients, a red room to treat “melancholia,” violet for “insanity,” blue and green rooms for the “boisterous,” and a white room for someone who is “practically well,” as a 1902 New York Times story stated. “[S]o completely is a patient surrounded by an atmosphere of a particular color, deemed best by physicians for his particular mania, that the vibrations must act on him,” the reporter wrote. Rudolf Steiner, who founded Waldorf education, believed that classrooms should be painted in specific colors based on the developmental age of students.

The interest in how color affects mood, and maybe even mental health, hasn’t waned since the early 1900s. Recently, researchers interested in the effects of interior design on stress and anxiety have studied the body’s response to color, hoping to find some scientific backing to anecdotal assumptions. In a small experiment, researchers at the Aalborg University of Copenhagen blindfolded subjects, connected them to EEG machines (which register brain activity), and exposed them to different colors of light. Their brains were more active when their bodies were exposed to red and blue light. Green light yielded calmness and relaxation. Another study found that blue light helps people relax more than if they were using white light.

For relaxing home use blue and green tones

Images of color swatches, which are bright and bold colors, arranged horizontally
Pressman suggests these colors as energizing hues that brighten moods: PANTONE 14-0957 Spectra Yellow; PANTONE 17-3932 Deep Periwinkle; PANTONE 17-1464 Red Orange; PANTONE 20-0147 Diode Blue; PANTONE 18-3027 Purple Orchid; PANTONE 16-4728 Peacock Blue; PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise; PANTONE 12-0642 Aurora; PANTONE 20-0179 Leprechaun Dust
 Courtesy Pantone

Pressman believes that color can serve as an antidote to today’s trying times in three ways: by calming us, by soothing us, and by offering some much-needed positive energy.

Grey may not be your colour Post Covid

“Now is not the time for greys,” Pressman says, the color many people gravitated toward after the 2008 financial crisis, to which the COVID-19 pandemic is drawing comparisons. Instead, she recommends meditative nature shades like blues, greens, and browns as calming options.

Photo credit for pastel living by Architectureartdesigns.com To soothe us, she suggests colors that gently warm us, like pastel pinks, burnt oranges, and terra-cotta shades. To brighten moods, she looks to reds and yellows.

Add an accent colour to the colour scheme

“I need to feel positive because of all the uncertainty in the air and am trying to summon up the energy,” Pressman says. “So to put on that red shirt, to put on that yellow pillow, or something that sparks optimism and energy.”

accent colour for a balance of excitement
accent colour for a balance of excitement
Photos Credit yellow high stool by trendir.com

Pressman says of picking the color of the year, which is more about a cultural statement than trend forecasting. “We’re looking forward, but at the same time we are fearful and we need that solid foundation so we can comfortably and confidently cross that bridge into this new era. This kind of color—with its ability to elicit feelings of calm, with its feelings of sincerity, and a feeling of anchoring and continuity—fosters resilience and can be protective.”

For soothing home choose these colours

Images of color swatches, which are pastels and light grays, arranged horizontally
Pressman says that pastel hues are a very livable and soothing colors to consider. Shown here are PANTONE 13-2808 Ballet Slipper; PANTONE 12-0712 Vanilla; PANTONE 13-0908 Parchment; PANTONE 14-4102 Glacier Gray; PANTONE 14-4112 Skyway; PANTONE 15-4502 Silver Cloud; PANTONE 16-1109 Greige; PANTONE 17-4015 Infinity; and PANTONE 18-5204 Granite Gray
 Courtesy Pantone

When it comes to applying these colors to our homes, Pressman suggests thinking about how you want to feel when you step inside the door, how you want to feel in specific rooms, and using color to create those moods.

For example, a very bright optic white could look beautiful but feel stark. A creamier white or a white with brown undertones could make the color more warming. Using yellow in an entry hall, she says, can add sunniness. Meanwhile, something like a terra cotta could add instant warmth. Pastel hues, she says, are very popular right now and very livable.
Cheap and good flooring material

Vinyl Flooring Is An Affordable Option With Better Technology And Durrability

Flooring has been held as a permanent fixture that would last for 20 to 30 years and unlike loose furniture which can easily be changed with time removing existing finishes and retiling the floor is onerous and disruptive exercise.

Photo credit One Kinddesign

This holds true for granite, marble stone, parquet, ceramic tiles, however vinyl tiles is set to disrupt this long-held notion.

Contemporary ideas are you may not want the same old flooring that lasted 20 years after which a major renovation on the 20th year onwards may view the dated tile incompatible with the desired decor. If we take a look at the floor as being part of the overall design and trend, it does make sense to have vinyl as the basic floor covering which you could easily switch to something else to go with the current interior design trend at a minimal cost.

Here are noteworthy credentials of vinyl tiles.

Suitable for various home use

  1. Flooring Choice - Layers of protetion has improve the durability of vinyl flooring
    Flooring Choice – Layers of protection has improved the durability of vinyl flooring
  2.  The quality of vinyl have improved over the years due to the improvement in manufacturing technology. It is suitable for medium traffic within the home environment. Vinyl flooring is a perfect choice for areas that are prone to spills and moisture such as kitchens, laundry rooms with the latest being used in toilets.
  4. Durability
Flooring Choice - vinyl tiles can now be used in kitchen and toilet
Flooring Choice – vinyl tiles can now be used in kitchen and toilet

Quality Vinyl can now be used in the kitchen, toilets without the problem of pooping up or tile separation.

Vinyl flooring is durable as it is easy to clean and maintain. It is resistant to water and moisture as compared to other types of flooring. However, as with other stone floorings, it will be dented with the heavy objects rolling across it or chipped by sharp objects.

The advantage of it is that only a small strip needs to be taken out and replaced (clean work) rather engaging network contractor to hack out the damaged piece and relay the chipped tiles which can be quite messy.


Floor Choices - invyl is water proof and can be installed in toilets
Vinyl now being used in home toilets

Vinyl now being used in home toilets

Vinyl sheet flooring is resistant to water and moisture as compared to any other types of flooring. Basically, there are no joints that allow water to seep in and damage the sub-floor.

Installation if clean and fast

viny tile laying
Vinyl tile laying is quick and clean

Vinyl tile laying is quick and clean

Which makes it an ideal flooring for overlaying existing for finishes if you are tire of the look. Laying vinyl tiles for a new home can be quick and clean as long as the floor substrate is level and without dents with dirt. A 4 room BTO flat can take around 1 to 1.5 days to complete while a 5 room BTO around 2 days thus allowing the renovation to be completed faster.

One of the key advantages is vinyl can be overlaid on any stone flooring without the need to remove existing flooring, thereby making it a viable option for many homeowners with a budget constraint.

Easy to Clean

vinyl floor cleaning
Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain


Vinyl floors need a little bit more TLC than your daily routine, once you finish sweeping and vacuuming up dust, you can get out your trusty tile mop and bucket to finish the job.

Deep Cleaning

If floor has stubborn stains look up exactly what cleaning products your manufacturer suggests to use so you get the most out of your vinyl plank floors.

First, a note on Steam Cleaning: 

AVOID steam cleaning vinyl plank flooring. Your LVP is built tough, and while the PVC material is waterproof – it’s not meant to withstand steam. 

If nothing specific is mentioned, here’s a safe way to clean and protect your floors:

For weekly vinyl floor cleanings, all you need to do is add a bit of warm water and plain ol’ dish soap to a bucket and mop away. For those days where your floor needs just a little more of a pick me up, add a bit of white vinegar to your soap and water solution to get that sparkle back.

After mopping with your desired mix, be sure to go back over your floors with a clean wet mop to get all of the extra soap and vinegar goodness off of your planks.

Since you probably ditched your old mop in the move, here are some tips on choosing a mop to use on your vinyl plank floors:

Just be sure to avoid flipping the mop over to use the abrasive scrubber.

Light Weight

Vinyl flooring is lightweight as compared to other types of flooring and hence will add to the floor loading which is an ideal material to overlay over existing finishes.


It requires very little maintenance. You just need to sweep regularly and use a damp mop to keep your floors sparkling.


Colours can fade with long exposure direct sunlight and will buckle with extreme temperatures all of which can be prevented by using curtains or blinds to shield it from direct sun.

Surface Irregularities

Improper preparation of the subfloor leads to the uneven installation of vinyl flooring. This allows moisture to penetrate causing it to lift and warp. , any damage to PVC flooring will get easily reflected. Therefore a perfectly levelled, a smooth subfloor is a must for well-installed vinyl flooring.

Life Span

Can easily last up to 10-15 years, some quality manufacturers offers up to 25 years but you would need to pay more, our opinion is that 10-15 years is good enough which will allow your to change the overall look of the house if you are tired of it.

Looks of wood, stone and ceramic tiles

flooring choices - wide colour and faux look for selection
flooring choices – wide colour and faux look for selection

The advent of colours and pattern that mimic real feel wood, stone and uncertain brands ceramic tiles does offers a wide variety for selection. Do your homework online before you head out to any supplier to make sure he carries the brand that offers the “look” that you want as smaller suppliers do have limitation in the range they carry.


Vinyl Planks Flooring: 100 to 200 mm width and 900 to 1200mm length

Thickness: The standard thickness of vinyl flooring shall be 3mm to 5.0 mm, go for the 5mm thickness for quality assurance.

Low-Cost Installation 

Vinyl flooring can save you big money for other renovation items

The major advantage of vinyl flooring is that they are inexpensive compared to other types of stone flooring. In the Singapore context, it is offered from S$ 2.8 to 3.8 per square feet depending on the quality and thickness of the vinyl. I would strongly recommend going for the 5mm thickness as it is much more hardy to wear and tear. I recommend this type of flooring for young couples with budget constraint where the saving will go a long way in buying better furniture and interior fittings.

Let’s know your thoughts on vinyl flooring if you would like or still prefer to use the stone material for your flooring


Plan Valuable Workspace In Your Kitchen Renovation

Featured Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels Whether you are renovating the kitchen for an existing or new BTO flat in the case of new homeowners, the kitchen has taken a significant role as part of the home office in a post Covid-19 environment as the kitchen has truly become the heart of the home activities as families struggle to find conducive workspaces with the demand for an online meeting.

Here are some practical tips on planning the kitchen for the new norm turning this space that churns out food into a conducive workspace

1. Define the cooking and working space needs

a. For young couples waiting to move into their BTO;
Open plan island counter for BTO 4 Rm kitchen
Island counter is a great idea for space scare BTO flats
Browse design reference from https://www.postofixe.com/bto_resales-flats_condo_kitchen__design_ideas/

Who have some budget to spare could consider an open kitchen with an island counter is a great gathering and workspace. Just a point to note during serious smoke from cooking will carry oil particles to various part of the open kitchen and connecting room like adjoining living which will need to be cleaned and mopped more often than an enclosed kitchen.

If there is a budget constraint a simple close door kitchen space with a single role of kitchen cabinet on one side of the wall might suffice for couples who just want to use the kitchen for functional food warming and other lighting cooking while having a dinning cum working desk on the opposite wall will create a conducive working space.
Dining Table With Good Wifi reception can be a conducive work space
Dining Table With Good Wifi reception can be a conducive work space
Design reference from https://www.postofixe.com/bto_resales-flats_condo_kitchen__design_ideas/

For the serious cook, a simple roll of cabinets might not meet your preparation space needs as the ergonomics and worktop space might not be good enough for you. Plan ahead if you need to have a separate space for work when the family grow with more children and the inclusion of a domestic helper this valuable kitchen space might come in very handy.

Working and studying from home with the new norm in the post Covid-19 years, therefore, private space for online conferencing is crucial and needs for privacy needs to be thought through carefully as conversing with each other online might interfere with other members of the family who needs to focus on their work. Folding glass/aluminium partition could be a solution to the enclosed space when an uninterrupted environment is needed. Photos credit: Lowyat.net One important thing to note is to make sure that the kitchen could receive the wifi signal which is the source of life for everything online, therefore the need to have rooms in direct line of sight to the wifi router is crucial for your success to convert this space. You might want to consider installing a wifi router at a central place or using the latest NEST technology routers for sufficient signal coverage.

c. For couples going into their golden years;
Where there are plenty of space with careful planning of appliances and what we really need as older folks tend to horde on “things” that bring back memories or considered a waste to dispose of useful stuff. The problem with this thinking is that no matter how much space there is, there will never be enough space for things of yesteryears. I have personally experienced this as I have thrown away almost 25 large trash bags of kitchen stuff from my MIL leave over after her stay with us.

My advice is to donate those excess to charity and keep what we really need or better still start over with new utensils to explore the excitement of creating new dishes that the family enjoys.

Important things to note as silver generation aged and mobility becomes an issue kitchen stuff would need to be reachable when planning for a kitchen renovation, consideration like the use of drawers on floor cabinets and wall cabinets to be built within reach without the need to climb to take down things so as to prevent fall which is illustrated here:

Reachability for silver generation crucial to staying independent

A larger kitchen table is a particularly useful worktop for the silver generation with the stay-home advice for them to work on handicraft projects or enjoy the moment of love with online facetime with love ones is a marvellous alternative to being a couch potato

2. Kitchen ergonomics:

Is the study of the human relationship with work relating to the sink, fridge and hob crucial to the human comfort working long hours before fatigue sets in, kitchen specialist advice the following triangulated set up for efficient workflow: Work comfort comes into play as you work on the countertop to prepare food, if you are above or below the average human height, do note this ideal countertop height in relation to your height: .

3.  Functional cabinet organisers

Are highly recommended to maximise the storage capacity and lifesaver when it comes to organising sauces.
Kitchen Storage organiser is a lifesaver for a neat kitchen
Kitchen Storage organiser is a lifesaver for a neat kitchen
Kitchen Cabinet Organiser
Useful Spatula Organiser for the Cooking Enthusiast

4. The popular colour and design trend;

a. white with wood grain theme b. Grey and white theme c. pastel theme Photo credit – www.magnet.co.uk,  For more design reference visit https://www.postofixe.com/bto_resales-flats_condo_kitchen__design_ideas/

In conclusion, great kitchen workspace experience cannot do without a well-designed worktop which may take the following 3 alternatives;

1. Solid dining table that matches your kitchen décor
Kitchen Design Ideas
Kitchen Table can fulfil a much-needed workspace
Browse dining table here – https://www.postofixe.com/product-category/loose-furniture/dining-table/ and chairs here https://www.postofixe.com/product-category/loose-furniture/dining-chair/

2. Go for an open concept with an island counter
Island counter is a ideal work top for modern kitchen
work from home get an island with a open kittchen concept
Get your kitchen island here; https://www.postofixe.com/product-category/kitchen_cabinet/island-cabinets/

3. Look through the window with high-level worktop:
See thru high table Btw kitchen and dinning
High Table on a see-thru wall can be a useful worktop
Browse kitchen designs samples here https://www.postofixe.com/bto_resales-flats_condo_kitchen__design_ideas/

Happy planning, if you need any advice do leave us a note below we will try to get back to you soon.

Kitchen is where hearts meet – know this before kitchen renovation

This article will try to provide resources for you to derive the right cost for a well-planned kitchen to meet your budget and needs. Let’s start with the most common offer in social media that offers kitchen at S$ 70  per square foot or some S$ 1,000 for a 10-foot run top hung and floor cabinet, which by the way do not include worktop. This is what you will get in the offer; Swing doors often with cheap laminate at less than Normal S$25 with limited colours, all inner cabinet are in white PVC covering.     Accompanied by normal hinges with soft closing effects     For the kitchen design probably you will get something like this;   Designs like this are rather dated and non-exciting       The offer gives the homeowners swings door concept which looks ordinary, for the floor cabinet the contractor will probably throw in one section of 3 drawers on the floor cabinet no more than 400mm with normal drawer tracks. For the wall cabinet, he will probably offer you swing doors cabinets with max two internal selves and 1 pull up glass door for dish dryer. This design often looks rather dated with nothing to shout about and expect some broken doors after one year or so as the hinges used are the normal quality type. The long-held saying still holds true within the renovation industry “You pay for what you get,” so if you started to ask for a better design or cabinet hardware the cost goes back to the industry standard after much time spent in the shop discussing about the design and material preference. So what should new or existing owners do to get what he or she wants like? I recommend be a smart customer by doing the following quick and interesting ways that will save you many regrets later;
  1. Research on your design preference:
2.  Determine your own budget Try our check out cart without buying with any design you pick from Postofixe kitchen designs. Steps are;
  • Go to our kitchen sample page
  • Select from 11 design kitchen design ideas
  • Register a free account
  • Make your desired changes to the size of the kitchen and modular kitchen cabinets using the drag and drop method
  • Exit to cart to see the price of the products by clicking “X” on the top right-hand corner
Tips – You can now approach the rest of the home design and budgeting without buying within the Postofixe room samples pages. This will give you a rough gauge of the budget you might need, please allow for cost in the area of flooring, demolition if you would like to change the layout of your rooms. The budget calculated will allow you to plan how you would like to finance your renovation with various renovation loans providers. 3.  Determine what you want to put into the kitchen This will also determine the additional cost you would need to spend to buy additional kitchen appliances and organiser you like to customise it to your needs.

Material that is available for kitchen cabinet

The common material used in Singapore kitchen are:
  • Plywood is the most common use by carpenters in Singapore, it is hardy and is strong to take on heavy load. However, most material grade used carries VOC (toxic used in the formation of the different layers of wood), you will smell this during the first few months of installation. Postofixe.com do offer non-toxic plywood for kitchen cabinet if requested by the client.
  • Veneer Particleboard, which is use in most IKEA cabinets will “blister” if there is a hole punctured on the surface and water gets into the board. That is the main reasons why many people will not choose IKEA kitchen.
  • MDF or high-density board which are used for spray-painted doors of cabinets while the cabinet body are using plywood.
  • Kitchen sink and tap – have become an important accent piece that adds chic look into a normal kitchen, see our article on how to how to buy sink and taps for a designer kitchen look

Hinge and drawer track options why it matters

Homeowners are faced with the option of paying more for better hinges and door closers and wondering why let’s dwell on cost of hinges to get a better understanding.   Blume is the top of the line cabinet hardware company that offers slick design with silent closing in slow motion and soft closing door effect to your kitchen doors or drawers, which would set you back S$ 800 – 1,800 which in my opinion is worth the while as you enjoy award-winning products from Austria with a lifetime warranty. As for normal hinges and drawers will not last you more than 2-3 years which you would need to change periodically, there lies the problem as this is a small job which you would need to pay someone an expensive service fee to get it done. More often human nature will just leave it as broken. I personally like to use quality hardware for worry-free use.

Common kitchen appliances

For most built-in appliance will cost slightly more due to their custom sizes however buying from local brands like TEKA, EF, Euroace, etc., can give you the value as big brands will cost a lot more. In this day and age, most appliances are manufactured by a few manufactures in China and being white-label to various brands go to your favourite store and bargain with a bulk purchase or on the lookout for special sales by various stores you might be lucky to get a good deal through their newsletter subscription. Depending on your budget do give the following consideration for various appliances like;
  • Fridge – would a single door medium-capacity be enough to store food for a young family with 2 children for one week or double doors larger better in doing the job. decide on the size before approaching any company to work on the kitchen design. Trend – buy those darker grey tone for the cool look
  • Kitchen stove, would you prefer to use a gas stove (either pipe-in for most BToo homeowners or portable gas for some resale flats owners) or an induction gas cooker. Induction might be the better option as it carries fewer worries of a gas explosion as it cooks food faster with a clean flat look. Many older folks and chef prefer gas cooker as they felt cook cooked carries the “wok hay” that taste better. Trend – buy those with a black glass plate cover
  • Oven, would I need a builtin oven which has duo function to do preheating food with microwave and conventional heating for banking on occasion when the good wife decides to do some baking? If budget is a constrain stand alone duo function oven could also do the trick. Trend – builtins are great favourites
  • Kitchen Hood – yes you would need one so that the kitchen will not be filled with oil that produces the sticky feeling after cooking. Trend – minimalist design with little frontal exposure goes well with the latest design

Kitchen systems and organisers what to look out for:

If you are a neat freak like me these drawer organiser is a must-have for a modern kitchen before you place an order with your contractor ask them about these, some they can customise and others they can buy off the shelves. Tip for utensils and dish drying trays contractors is willing to throw into their cost if you ask for it. There are myriads of organisers available to kitchen cabinet builders be sure to ask for them which is a must-have for a well-organised kitchen. Tip – always make sure the contractor buys the right weight carrying capacity track that carries the drawers for the intended content, under capacity tracks will wear out very fast needing replacement. Drawer organisers that are not ideal; There above are information that will help you organise a well-planned kitchen, if you would like more information on any part of the planning process or kitchen organisers do leave us your comments below or send your request for design support to [email protected], we will be glad to extend a helping hand.

How To Buy Sink And Taps For The Designer Kitchen Look

Cheap & Good Sink and taps for the designer kitchen look

By Jason Teo – Entrepreneur, photographer, how things work geek.

Created on 13/06/2020

Sinks and taps are important interior design accent pieces which are forgotten when homeowners think of HDB BTO  or resale flat renovation.

Do take note of these useful tips for your kitchen sink in your  BTO or resale flat so that you buy the right product, lastest design and models to make you the proud homeowner of a designer kitchen.

Sink size and functional needs relative to cabinet kitchen design;

According to sanitaryware specialist Mr Poernomo Sing from AER Sanitary Singapore, decide on the functional needs before you head out to any bathroom warehouse such as;

1.  how big the sink you need and the available space relative to the kitchen cabinet, this is often the limiting factor in the selection so take note of your counter depth and length of the sink countertop.

2.  The depth of the sink, i.e., what kitchen utensils do you have or need to wash in it. Remember you will have many pots and pans to wash after a cooking storm or makan (gathering) session. 

3.   What material would I prefer, this we will talk more about sink materials slightly later if you are not sure.

4.   Do I prefer the sink to be sitting top or beneath the countertop. 

Quality And Style For The Chic Look

Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel kitchen sink is the most popular material used by interior designers in a modern kitchen or what you might call Scandinavian interior design. Thereafter consider this question, do I need a single large or double sinks combined for cabinet kitchen design? Let’s see the pros and cons;

Single Bowl Sinks;

Single Bowl Useful For Small Kitchen Space, overmount on countertop

Pros: A single, deep basin means you can easily soak or wash a big pan or prep large quantities of food.  Young couples who don’t need to cook at home, this is a practical consideration.

“This kind of sink is very versatile, as young families don’t really cook much and could just pile the dishes for washing up later,” according to Mr Sing.

Cons: You are limited to one wash at any one time and soaking a large pot requires a bit of juggling since you would often need to wash other things as well in a small kitchen.

Double bowl sinks practical choice for the kitchen, overmout on countertop

2. Two basins of differing sizes (a 60/40 or offset sink).

These are larger sinks with options reachable with a single or double swing head taps.
Pros: Two basins allow you to perform separate tasks, such as cleaning dishes and preparing food, with ease. A Dual offers the convenience of cleaning up in the large basin and prepping food in the smaller one. 

Cons: A smaller basin makes it harder to wash and soak large pans.

“For clients who want flexibility, a double sink can be the way to go,” says Mr Sing “There are also a number of people who are accustomed to working with two basins, and they don’t want to change.”

Mounting Of Sinks found in kitchen design ideas

When purchasing sinks you will be asked if you would like to overmount or under-mount as different accessories used are different. Let’s talk about the pros and cons.

Scandinavian sink design with overmount method

Overmount Method

Modern stainless steel sinks look neat when mounted on the surface (overmount) as the rim thickness of 2-3mm is not noticeable. It is recommended to fasten the sink all around the countertop with silicon to avoid the seepage of water into the cabinet which will happen eventually on heavy washing sessions.

I personally prefer this method for hygiene reasons as I am able to see and remove visible mold growth on the surface of the countertop. 

Sink under-mount beneath the countertop

Under-mount method

The under-mount method uses screw clips and industrial glue to secure the sink onto the underside of the countertop. After the sink has been attached I would recommend applying a layer of silicon seal between the edges of the sink and countertop as a second line of defense against water seepage. 

This results in a cool borderless modern kitchen sink, however but with the passage of time mold and waste spatter will likely to form underneath the counter edges which is rather difficult to clean. There is also the risk of sink detachment with the passage of time.

 Stainless steel sink trend in minimalist interior design.

Straight edges and the boxy look is in trend with colours of;

Silver – evergreen but hardy with prolonged use.

Nano Back – trendy jet black look but prompt to scratches eventually from utensils or broken glass, not irritating if you are not picky.

Others – such as bronze and rose gold are available from certain suppliers.

Buy jet black with high-quality sink at bulk purchase prices here.

Porcelain sinks both under-mount 

Porcelain Sink The Choice Of Vintage Lovers

Pros: This is a legendary hardy material that renders a vintage style.

Cons:  Porcelain tends to chip, leaving a black mark. Metal pans can also leave black marks or scuffs that are difficult to remove. For people who are looking for colour options, not  much are offered here in Singapore

Granite composite sink under-mount

Granite composite sinks

Pros: Highly durable sink made from granite particles and polymers, price is more expensive, not viable for import due to its weight, this material resists scratches and chips. It does not show water spots.

Cons: Composite surfaces can turn lighter in colour with the passage of time due to the constant scrubbing and cleaning of the polymer (a form of plastic) material, repolishing is possible with but difficult and expensive. From personal experience of owning one dark grey sink which did age within 6 years of use but looks good in many ways and functional, I have even transferred it over to my new kitchen which still gel well with the new design. Would I still go for one, no is my answer as stainless steel sinks are still the winner in terms of the cool looks.

Waste discharge pipes beneath the kitchen sink.

Built-to-purpose downpipes that comes with modern sinks

I strongly recommend asking for the purpose-built waste discharge pipes that accompany the sink when you buy a new sink from the vendor as you don’t have to have to pay plumbers to built those ugly white PVC ones, becareful some sanitary shops sold them separately to make more money due to their promotional offers.

 – Buy your quality sink here.

Sink Accessories

Accessories like knives block, anti-choke waste trap, in-built dish soap dispenser, wash-dry tray

Pros: Sink manufacturers are making the sink work harder with a myriad of accessories built to perfectly fit on top of the basin. These are either sold with the stainless steel sink or separately. The choices include cutting boards, prep bowls, knife blocks, colanders and racks for dishcloths or cleaning utensils. 

Cons: However if your interest is in cooking such accessories may not fit your expectation if you subscribe to the “basic is better” school of thought, sink accessories are not for you.

Stainless steel cabinet looks no difference from plywood ones

Non-corrode Stainless steel sink counter

Homeowners faced the problem of the counter door “dropping out” due to water damage over time. This will happen to both types of mounting we mentioned about earlier, so what can you do to prevent it, take these two precautions;

1.  Insist on using silicon to seal all around joints and gaps between the countertop and sink during installation and renew that seal every 1-2 years. 

2.  Pay slightly more for waterproof material such as waterproof plywood, engineer wood or stainless steel cabinet for your counter. I personally prefer a stainless steel cabinet, as indestructible from water damage and the outlook is the same as wood with the prices of such cabinet have gone done with Chinese import.

Buy your corrosion resistance sink counter here.

Taps, what to look out for.

Selecting the right quality tap is important to your sanity as irritating water leakage and constant tap changes will drive you crazy. Often cheap taps sold by sanitary shops or bathroom warehouse will not last more than two years.

So the question you will need to ask is what do you do when the water starts leaking, do I buy a new one every one to two years or replace certain parts of the taps to stop the irritating leaks, there come the important issues relating to quality and warranty besides looking good.

The price will equate to the quality of taps you purchase in a certain degree, it also depends on the brands and experience and honesty of salesperson you buy from. There are three criteria to determine which brand you should buy to save you the aggravation;

1.  the litmus test is the company willing to give you a five years warranty is the quality generally, such products with longer warranty will cost slightly more but in the long run, you will save on precious time and replacement cost.

2.  if the tap is engineered such that there are spare parts for replacement if the taps wear out.  Well designed products will ensure the replacement of wear-out parts, the salesperson will often not border but sells you some buy and throwaways are signs that the product has not been engineered well.

3.  if the supplier is willing to come down to do the replacement or repair the tap even though you are willing to pay for a small service charge shows their commitment to their products.

Get your tap at bulk purchase priced that comes with 5 years warranty with and service here.

Waste Bin Trap Doors Are Convenience Every Kitchen Needs

Disposable Bin Covers

There is now a good alternative to scooping up wet waste and throwing it into plastic bags nearby and seeing all the smelly water dripping all over the place. The installation of this simple gadget door, similar in concept to the dustbin door found in commercial buildings, makes throwing food waste a simple and neat task. It mounted flush on countertops let wet waste drop directly into the trash bin below the counter without the usual mess. Get your cool gadget swing door here

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