fbpx Distancing Shield – PostoFixe

Single Surround Shield

Unobtrusive interaction and spitum safe

High clarity screen securely fastened with designer chromed holders safe to use with acrylic sheets

Single Panel Multiple Seats

Nearly invisible, high clarity screen, give customers the added feel of safety 

Screen securely fastened to table top, safe use with non breakable acrylic sheets


Island 2 Roles Desk Multiple Seats

Interaction with other staff through safe and unobtrusive shields

High clarity shields securely fastened with chrome clips, safe to use with acrylic sheets

6 Ft Free Standing Shield

Place mobile screens as divider against flying sweat ot vaporised spitum for the added sense of safety. 

Unbreakable and light weight, full height screen comes with 2 types of material; clear and ridge (twinwall) acrylic sheets

Standing Counter Shield

1.2 X 0.6 m clear acrylic with top section acts as shield complete with transection slot while bottom section acts as a graphic panels for marketing or info messages 

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