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Mrs Teo Kitchen @ Canberra EM HDB

Mr Pang 4 Room [email protected] Link

Ms Teo Kitchen Makeover @ Bishan

Ms Chew remodal kitchen @ yishun flat


Ms Goh Master Bedroom @ Serenity Park


Ms Goh Children Bedroom @ Serenity Park


Ken 4 Rm BTO canberra

Ms Wong Kitchen & Toilets @ Woodlands

Postofixe fulfilled my request for a modern look kitchen, extend my work space for my baking needs and give me a sink that would not corrode. Postofixe not only fulfilled all the above I was pleasantly they took 5 days to complete the site work reducing the inconvenience to a minium. I'm very happy with my well planned and functional kitchen 
Mrs Teo
We are glad to have engaged the services of Postofixe.com. The design of our kitchen presented on website was an accurate depiction of what was delivered. There was progressive updating and the quality of the furniture was good. We strongly recommend Postofixe for their deligent and professional service
Ms Chew
Postofixe.com was a good alternative for the budget conscious customers like us, to our surprise our new home turns out very modern and piratical. Highly recommended company for their professional and fast job.
Mr & Mrs Teo
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